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records for sale

please browse my discogs offerings. I recently changed jobs and am looking to sell off some of my record & cd collection to pay the bills until the new financial rhythm sets in.

welcome again to ylayali.net

Welcome to 2005!

That's when I last redesigned this site, January 2005. I had taken it down awhile ago because it was becoming embarassing. Now, 2012 is here, and I brought it up again, and for the moment at least, I kind of like it. It's so gloriously ugly! The template theme is called ncurses

There are some curious design decisions I made in some parts of the code, but it's not all bad; the worst thing is how thoroughly coupled everything is, but in the end it does make for a terse little custom framework (of limited and unscaleable use, of course). Maybe I'll write about it one day if I ever feel like delving into PHP again.

In the present, I have converted to Python about 5 years ago and have some new projects in the works, so I should be able to update this with some new content soon...


My new git server is up & running, mostly hosting my private repos, but a few public ones have started to show up. git.ylayali.net

gnu mediagoblin!

photo by kenneth dombrowski

I am trying out a new media server, it's a fairly young project, but seems very thoughtfully put together using a nice set of Python libs including WebOb, SQLAlchemy, Celery, Jinja, etc., and a nice toolchain including virtualenv, nose and git.

Seems like a great community too, I look forward to contributing

Check out their site MediaGoblin

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